About icon. It's a mossy Bionicle socket piece.

gently idling Kirikori grasshopper. About gently idling Kirikori grasshopper.

As you explore the rubble, you suddenly discover a small green bug. You wonder why such a bug would dwell here, but it occurs to you... perhaps there is a kind of beauty in the process of understanding something that is dead. Also bugs live in a lot of places, including ruins.

bionicle.gay is the place for emily to put all of her bionicle stuff. there is a lot of it.

Q: is X an official bionicle thing, or something you made?

A: i try to be specific about when something is from official bionicle material. Much of what is on this site is about documenting such things. If something doesn't explicitly state its source, i probably made it myself

strawman: tch... it doesnt seem like this adheres to the bionicle canon..... *hands me a soapbox*

A: thank you. let me take this opportunity to say fuck the canon. *popes and bishops in the audience are scandalized* yes i said it. no but really folks, please pursue what you enjoy. for me, the fun of bionicle isnt about congealing the final media into a coherent whole. its about exploring the development history and piecing together plans/authorial intent from disparate sources. like fitting together a big puzzle, or perhaps a bionicle figure without any instructions.... anyway. read the gospel of jesus' wife. the truth is out there.

Q: why make a bionicle fansite in 2023? why keep it open until [year i am wondering this]?

A: i make a lot of things related to the bionicles, and i like the idea of my works having a home all together. i also like the idea of that home being a separate place from where i put other, non-bionicle things i do. i contribute a lot to biomedia project, but many of the things i like to work on are more personal, and less wrote archival.

Q: how many bionicles do you have? which one is the strongest?

A: do you count all the creatures ive reconstructed that werent released as actual sets?? the number is significantly impacted by this.

strongest is baby tree spider (strength of soul, bites)

Q: do you think bionicle is good/would you recommend i get into it?

A: im interested in bionicle today for a variety of reasons, but ultimately i wouldnt be here if it werent for the fact successful marketing imprinted the brand on me at an impressionable age. there are cool things to like about bionicle, and also things that suck. im actually not sure if you, the reader, would like it and i dont know why i asked myself this hypothetical question

Q: why 'bionicle.gay'?

A: im gay

Q: the kirikori looks hungy. please feed her a gif of the fruit from the pc game

A: ok

Kirikori grasshopperspinning cgi bionicle fruit

Health +5
Charm +1
Violence +500

Footer. An old Bionicle mask, eaten away by fungi and molds.