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Produced as three and a half separate episodes from spring 2013 to fall 2014. I've compiled them all into a single short here - I think they work better that way. You can see a pretty significant evolution in my ability throughout it, though. The earliest parts are my first real attempts to work with Flash!

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Episode 1


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Ta-Koronan Guard Arrives in Ko-Koro
Tensions Mount as Danger Threatens
By Takua

Today, after a long journey, the Ta-Koronan Guard arrived in the icy village of Ko-Koro. The Guard has rarely left Ta-Wahi in past years, but the arrival of the Bohork swarms has changed everything for the inhabitants of Mata-Nui.

"Ta-Koro has always had a courageous defense force," Guard Captain Jaller reports, "but not every village is as fortunate. With Ta-Koro secure for the time being, Turaga Vakama has had the foresight to dispatch several able guardsmen to ensure the safety of the less-protected villages."

Upon their arrival in Ko-Koro, the Guard was met with a cold reception. It was only after some discussion that it was decided they would remain. Turaga Nuju remains skeptical towards the situation.

"Nuju respects the noble desires of the Ta-Koronans," explains Nuju's interpreter, Matoro, "but he is simultaneously aware that they have placed themselves in grave danger by remaining here."

The air in the village remains tense with anticipation of the upcoming threat. Is there any danger that Ko-Koro might be invaded by the terrible Bohrok?

Episode 2


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Shattered Ice
Bohrok Assault on Ko-Koro
By Takua

The fears of many Ko-Koronans were realized today when the Bohrok swarms made their first strike upon the secluded village of Ko-Koro.

“The arrival of the swarms was inevitable,” said Matoro, aid to the village’s Turaga, “but this does not lessen in force what it brings upon our village.”

Ko-Koro is found within a deep ravine, generally only accessible by a winding stairway down the icy, sheer rock face. The presence of the Bohrok here is a testament to the swarms' cleverness and persistence. If the Bohrok can reach Ko-Koro, then no place on the island is safe from their reach.

The presence of the Ta-Koronan Guard in the village was a deciding factor in the outcome of this first encounter. The Guard’s captain, Jaller, heroically brought down a beast and liberated its Krana. The Krana are vital to the Toa on their quest to defeat the Bohrok swarms, and even one, such as Jaller recovered, could prove critical.

“Should we meet Kopaka in our travels, we shall be certain to give him the parasite,” Jaller said, “but the Bohrok threat is far from leaving this place. It will be some time before we can begin to consider a safe departure.”

Although they may now be resting in a moment of peace, all of the Matoran in the village are left to fear the time when next the swarm will choose to strike, and the dangers the attack will bring.

Episode 3


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I didnt write a news article for this one. or name it. 3:

Episode 3.5


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I didnt do anything special for this one either. initially it would have been the beginning of what became Tunnel Vision, but i realized it was weird starting on what was really an ending.

Footer. An old Bionicle mask, eaten away by fungi and molds.