Trial by Tahu

As of writing, this animation is half a decade old, and Ive changed a lot in that time. I really wanted to make a story that 'meant' something, but the most I could muster was a message of 'its good to cooperate with other people.' It has an overwrought and self-important narrative, but there are still parts of this animation that I think are nice. Maybe you will find things you like, too.

∵ original description ∵

Tahu's all ready to claim his golden mask and go stop that Makuta guy. Or IS HE?

2016.09.02 ∵ Runtime 00:17:13

Art of Tahu's mask, looking slightly down. The red color is overcooked.

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Original Soundtrack by Nick Nuwe (external link to you tube)

Footer. An old Bionicle mask, eaten away by fungi and molds.