Photo of two Tarakava rolling through a green glen. They are upright creatures with treads at their base. A lizard-like head is flanked by two thin, long arms in a boxing position.
Tarakava Boxing Lizard
name source: Fijian. From tara, to catch (usually fish, crustacea), kava, a type of fish. Read more
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official descriptions

break Danger Waits in the Swamp

Tarakava live in the oceans and rivers of Mata Nui, preferring the shallows close to the shoreline. They are huge, lizard-like creatures and virtually always hunt in pairs. Those [islanders] who sail the waters of Mata Nui have learned to fear the Tarakava more than any other Rahi.

Natural Tools: Tarakava are amphibious. They can stay underwater for prolonged periods of time, waiting for a chance to strike. When prey comes near, they use their powerful arms to stun their target. They have also been known to attack [islander] boats, capsizing them.

Danger Level: Like the Nui-Rama, the Tarakava are comfortable in an element unfamiliar to most Toa: water. Gali, the Toa of water, is the best equipped to battle Tarakava, and even she is wary of them. Pohatu and Lewa, both of whom dislike water, are at the biggest disadvantage when facing Tarakava.

Like all Rahi, Tarakava are controlled by the infected masks they wear. If the masks are removed, they will cease fighting and can sometimes even be tamed.

break The Tarakava, perhaps more than any other Rahi, are known for their wily sneak attacks. These boxing lizards prepare for battle by taking to a sandy pit, deep pool, or ocean shallows, submerging themselves until only their eyes appear above the surface. Then, when prey approaches, they leap into action!

On the rare occasions they are spotted on land, Tarakava can be seen moving as fast as possible to the nearest water source. There they can use their powerful boxing limbs to devastate a foe, but on land their lack of brute strength makes them particularly vulnerable, forcing the Tarakava to rely on agility and speed to survive.

In their natural state, Tarakava use their agility, speed, and craftiness to approach unwary sea creatures, which they quickly subdue with a barrage of powerful punches. When controlled by Makuta, the boxing lizards become much more aggressive and even leave the safety of the water, compelled by their hunger for masks.

break Boxing lizards are masters of the surprise attack. They lie in wait deep under water or buried in the sand.


these beautiful lizards are one of the six creatures sold at retail in 2001 and deemed 'Rahi'.

official art

Key Art
key art
Tarakava in the DC comic
Tarakava in MNOG
Tarakava on PC
blue Tarakava in QFTM
QFTM blue
teal Tarakava in QFTM
QFTM teal


tarakava with teeth colored teal and blue instead of white.
teeth of different colors
sand tarakava.
sand tarakava


Photo of two Tarakava rolling thorugh a glen. Photo of a Tarakava punching. Photo of a Tarakava by a boulder.
Photo close up on a Tarakava's face. Photo of the Tarakava Nui screaming to the heavens in the background as two Tarakava roll forward.
Footer. An old Bionicle mask, eaten away by fungi and molds.