Photo of the monkey walking along the forest floor. It is orange and grey, with a regular Bionicle face and big, strong arms.
Brakas Monkey
name source: Swedish? from brĂ¥ka. to argue, to fight, to brawl, to make trouble.
set #: none :(
media: AGB (except he was DELETED)

official description

bullet Brakas monkeys have strong arms and enjoy pelting passersby. They are extremely rare and difficult to find. If you happen to locate one, be sure to stop and take a picture.


the official description is fucking taunting us. read my blog on the brakas fracas

I can't guarantee the accuracy of the build I've photographed, but I guarantee it's at least Pretty Damn Close. Elements were contributed by myself, joint-dogg, and TommyGyroid.

You might've heard that Matau's Kau Kau staff was named after the sound of the Brakas. I just learned this truth was apparently devised by Greg in 2005 for the official encyclopaedia, and doesn't actually have a basis in any known 2001 sources. For all we know, Brakas might have originally said "ook" or "ough". The mystery deepens.....

official art

Nintendo Power Advance
AGB Prototype


Photo of a monkey swinging on a branch. Photo of a monkey swinging on a branch, from a low dramatic angle. Photo of a monkey nestled in the crook of a branch.
Photo of a monkey on a tree stump. Photo of a monkey walking through the forest, taken from a 'bigfoot' angle. Photo of a monkey swinging on a branch.
Footer. An old Bionicle mask, eaten away by fungi and molds.