Photo of a Kuma Nui in the snow. It is a creature standing on a pair of treads with two powerful clawed arms, with a big toothy rat face.
Kuma Nui Giant Rat
name source: Rotuman; Māori. From kuma, baby rat; nui, great, large. Read more
set #: 8538
media: none >.<
family members: WolfratTiger ∵ Bull

official descriptions

bullet When Kane-Ra and Muaka are combined they form this giant rat-like creature. Kuma Nui is one of the greatest and most ferocious creatures on Mata Nui.


The official bio above describing the giant rat as a 'combination' of the tiger and bull is anomalous and, imo, likely a carelessly copypasted description of the toy's nature as a combo model. Otherwise, the tiger and bull would be the only creatures known to be capable of fusing together.

This is the giant rat that makes all the rules.

official art

Key Art
key art


Photo of a Kuma Nui in the snow. Photo of Kuma Nui's face close up. Photo of Kuma Nui in the distance.
Photo of Kuma Nui, Muaka, and a wolf rat bunched together. Photo of a Kuma-Nui and wolf rat at a ravine. Photo of a Kuma-Nui, Muaka, and wolf rat in a snowy clearing.
Footer. An old Bionicle mask, eaten away by fungi and molds.