Photo of a wolf rat standing in the snow. It is a creature with two forelegs and a back wheel, with a big toothy rat face.
set #: none :(
media: PC
family members: Tiger ∵ Bull ∵ Giant Rat

official description

none :(


this gal looks like a baby of the tiger, but shes called `wolfrat` in the pc game files, and neither of those animals is a cat. see the tiger page for my theories on this.

since she only appears as an enemy in the PC game, we know nothing else about her... observe her air of mystery in these photos.

i am like 95% confident in the accuracy of my real-life model, based on the PC model. The jaw snapping function works as it should when you attach rubber bands.

official art



Photo of a wolf rat on an open plane of snow. Photo of the back of the wolf rat. Photo of a wolf rat looking up.
Photo of Kuma Nui, Muaka, and a wolf rat bunched together. Photo of a Muaka standing protectively over a wolf rat. Photo of a wolf rat attacking with its extended neck. a Muaka watches in the background.
Photo of a Kuma-Nui and a wolf rat on the edge of a crevasse. Photo of a Kuma-Nui, Muaka, and wolf rat in a snowy clearing.
Footer. An old Bionicle mask, eaten away by fungi and molds.