An exciting journey awaits you, on which you will learn more about the inhabitants of the island.

the hyper link below will transport you to my reconstruction of as it appeared in 2001. It is built primarily off of a handful of successful crawls of the website completed by alexa internet, now hosted on the internet archive. thanks also to Xonar, whose earlier efforts to restore the site served as a crucial starting point.

The alexa crawls saved very little beyond code, so most of the graphics had to be sourced from elsewhere. This included scrounging what I could from old fansites, and recreating the rest based on the few extant reference images (and suggestions in the code) as a guide. As of 2023.03.26, multiple new source images have been restored from a cache saved by Vahkiti. Still, this is not a true 1:1 recreation - but I've made it as close as I possibly could with the information available. it is very close.

A couple pages use Flash. where that content was preserved, you will be able to view it by installing the ruffle browser extension. The exception to this is the Mata Nui game, which is too complex for Ruffle at this time. contains multiple instances of the Māori word 'tohunga' used to describe a fantasy race. This is a preservation of the term's usage on the site as it appeared in 2001. I do not endorse this appropriation.

silhouette of the Bionicle island. Click to open in a new tab.

Footer. An old Bionicle mask, eaten away by fungi and molds.