This is an English translation of the Legend section of the Polish-language Bionicle minisite that was hosted on in 2001. Unlike everything else on the minisite, this Legend section has never been seen anywhere else. It also appears to be from quite early in Bionicle's development - potentially earlier than any other known material (excluding Faber's shorthand summaries of some of the DooHeads-era story). Amongst many other treats and insights in this writing, the characterization of the Toa here features the most fleshed out depiction of them as fickle demigods yet known.

While it is old, even this Legend is not taken from the original Bionicle story bible. Alastair Swinnerton has kindly reviewed the translated text and confirmed that it is not his work, though it seems to likely be reworked content from early bible drafts. He suggested this may have been written by the video games team, or Leah Weston Kaae. Alastair also validated that the Great Creator Io character is derived from his writing; taken from Maori culture before being removed in deferrence to the wishes of the Maori people. Io, as well as the term Tohunga, are kept here in the text for the sake of accurate preservation. Per usual this does not reflect an endorsement of Lego's appropriation of Maori culture.

Please note, Matau suddenly being referred to as Nuju in Lewa's chapter is not a transcription error, this is in the Polish text. It could be an authorial error, or, less likely, that the green Turaga was in fact initially called Nuju. As an additional point of clarity, usage of the term "earth" ("the earth") is not invoking our planet Earth, but is being used generally to refer to the world the island is in.

Multiple people came together to make this page and translation possible. The Polish site was located by skilled finder-of-things, joint-dogg. The text was machine translated, then proofread for accuracy by Polish speakers Voxovan and Lewa (Martyna Kamienik). Translation effort was coordinated by The Shadow Emperor, who also presented the writing to Alastair for context. This webpage was created by me (emily!)


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